My guarantee for you:

Shipping is free anywhere in the United States. If you live overseas then once the order is placed, I will send you the shipping costs.

You are paying for a quality garment and I want you to go beyond just happy to loving your ColorCreek Art2Wear garment. If what you have bought doesn't do the following, then please return it to me within 15 days for a full refund minus a $25 restocking fee. I'm really good at listening so if something doesn't work your best bet is to call or email me. Mary Hertert, (970) 778-5985 or

  • doesn't fit
  • doesn't look good
  • isn't what you expected
  • wrong color

Once I get the garment back I can provide you a full refund minus the restocking fee or give you a coupon for the full amount to apply to another garment in the store.

That means that I have to get the garment back in original condition and it's checked before I refund your money. So if you've gone to a party and it smells like smoke or I detect in anyway that you've worn the garment then please don't send it back.

I care very much about each of my garments and your satisfaction. Please send your comments on any of my products or policies on returns via phone or email.