Indoor Spaces-Private Homes

Here is a mixture of projects I’ve had over the years that allowed me to create some very incredible pieces from wall hangings to furniture to theater costumes and sets.  Maybe something here will spark an idea for something you would want in your home or office.

2009-Hand painted silk drapes- private collection Anchorage

These silk drapes for a French door are 8 individually hand painted panels of silk chiffon/satin stripe.

2006- Glacier Duvet & Drape set Private Collection - Anchorage AK

This is one of two rooms completed for a client who wanted themed rooms with the soft furnishings matching. This is the Glacier Room and the other room the African Room.

2006-African duvet cover

Duvet cover created in colors for the African room.

2004 - Fabric for Chairs Private Commission - Anchorage AK

The same client as the matching rooms also wanted enough fabric created to cover two armchairs along with these two smaller chairs. I dyed over 50 yards of polyester upholstery fabric in 4 different colors – red, green, yellow, orange and then printed each with a different set of plants – shrubs, exotics, trees, grasses.

e2006- commission-New Hampshire

Private Commission-New Hampshire. Shibori resisted, dyed polyester

2011Traveling through the Eye of Time-Anchorage AK

Traveling through the eye of time. Hand dyed, machine stitched silk/rayon velvet blanket

2013 - Bobcat Sandstone Cliffs - CMU Grand Junction CO

Hand dyed silk/rayon velvet wall hangings depicting sandstone cliffs. Private collection, Fruita CO

2014-Chairs hand printed

Hand printed Microfiber polyester kitchen chairs

2009- Fused Silk Fiber Lamp-Private Commission Anchorage AK

Fused silk fiber lamp with hand crocheted metal center. Private commission, Anchorage, AK. I have made several fused silk lamps and shades over the years.

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