• The Wasp Bride by Color Creek Fiber Art in Anchorage, AK
  • Blowing Bubbles from the Daydreamer series by Color Creek Fiber Art in Anchorage AK
  • Tongas National Forest by Color Creek Fiber Art in Denver
  • Patchwork Winter Coat by Color Creek Fiber Art in Grand Junction

Show Garments – 2006-Current

These garments were created over several years for a variety of runway shows from Alaska to Colorado. Of any of the processes I do in my studio, I have to say that creating these garments is the most fun and the most challenging.  What is also fun is the ability to take a garment that has served its purpose and take it apart to make something new.

Notes on the images to the left:

  1. Clothed in the Colors of the Ancients was created for Spin Knit, Stitch as Show at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts in Grand Junction CO. Dyed with organic plants collected from the desert embellished and stitched with yucca. Photograph by Chad Mahlum.
  2. The Wasp Bride came to life after I spent several weekends attending bridal fairs. Alaska Fiber Festival asked me to create a fairy for the “In the Garden” fashion show. I told them I don’t do fairies but would make them a winged thing… Wasp is made from fused silk fiber and real wasp nests. Photograph by Clark Mishler.
  3. Blowing Bubbles is the 3rd piece in the Daydreamer series. All in the series are made with dyed, heat treated poly organza and hand stitched with metal wire. Blowing Bubbles has a large knitted wire ocean plant on her shoulder. Photograph by Clark Mishler.
  4. Tongas was created in 2008 as part of my National Parks series. The hood is made of 30 yards of woven wool net dyed and felted. The remainder of the garment is made of silk/rayon velvet and wool laces with poly and wool yarns.
  5. Patchwork Winter Coat is made from hand dyed silk/rayon velvet. It has been put together and taken apart so many times that it earned its name. Patchwork was featured on the cover of GV Magazine in Grand Junction, CO for January 2014. Photograph by Chad Mahlum.



2014 Patchwork Winter Coat - Denver

Patchwork Winter Coat at the Denver Art Gallery at the PAC in 2014

Colors of the Ancients as featured by GV Magazine of Grand Junction CO. Photograph by Chad Mahlum

Colors of the Ancients as featured by GV Magazine of Grand Junction CO. Photograph by Chad Mahlum

GV Magazine Jan 2014 - article2

GV Magazine of Grand Junction, CO featured my runway garments in its January 2014 issue. Photograph by Chad Mahlum

2014 Opera Cape - Grand Junction

Opera Cape was created in 2006 for the Alaska Fiber Festival in Anchorage. Its original name was “Porta Bellum” a very large mushroom cap (6 feet) over a pleated silk gown that served as the stem for the mushroom. Much more wearable in this form.

2006 Portobellum - Alaska fiber Festival Anchorage

Portabellum before it became the Opera Cape. Photograph by Clark Mishler.

2014 Recycled Madness Fashion Show - Midsummer Night's Dream - Grand Junct

The ultimate in recycling. These two garments were used in ads for a Midsummer Night’s Dream. The man’s outfit came from a wall hanging. His hat is built on a woven African hat as base and the belt is a carved squash by Wild Willie of Grand Junction. The gal’s garment is the only garment I ever made by deconstructing a kayak shipping bag. No stitching anywhere.

2004 Glacier Bay Opera Coat-Anchorage

Glacier Bay Opera Coat is made from hand dyed and stitched silk/rayon velvet. This one lived in this form for 3 years before becoming the next coat.

2010 Portage Glacier silk-rayon velvet

Portage Glacier became the second life after deconstructing Glacier Bay. As glaciers recede so went this coat. Shorter and all of the work at the bottom came up to the neck and head.

2013 Tango on Ice Velvet

Tango on Ice is in its 4th life beginning with glacier bay.  It’s about to start its 5th life.

2010 Soaking up sunbeams-Daydreamer series Anchorage

Soaking up Sunbeams is part of the Daydreamer series – coats and hats that a gal could wrap in when she needs a daydream. Photograph by Clark Mishler.

2010 Soaking up Sunbeams-Daydream series - Anchorage, AK

Soaking up Sunbeams, Daydreamer series. Alaska Fiber Festival 2010. Photograph by Clark Mishler.

2010 Head in a Cloud-Daydream series - Anchorage

Head in a Cloud is the second in the Daydreamer series. Wrap in a sunrise and dream away.

August 31, 2015
Color Creek Fiber Art | Color Creek Fiber Art Show Garments - Pre 2015
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