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Part of being a fiber artist is the fun of getting to transform not only private home spaces but commercial ones as well. Unlike a show that lasts only a month or two – designing for commercial spaces is long term. I loved being asked by SERGIO’S restaurant in Grand Junction to transform the walls so that those in the dining room feel like they are in a wonderful environment. This is what I did for them.

2015-Sergios Restaurant - Wall Grand Junction CO

Sergios Restaurant is an Italian steak house right behind my shop in Grand Junction, CO. They moved into a large space covered entirely in very ugly carpeting on the wall. Earlier this year, Jim White, the owner asked me if I could do something for their walls. This wall was the first one. Later I added another wall in purple and 3 large silk painted panels and some room divider screens.

2015-Sergios Restaurant - Peacock Panel Grand Junction CO

Peacocks in the grapevines. 14’x55″ framed hand painted silk panel.

2015-Sergios Restaurant - Iris Panel Grand Junction CO

Iris Panel 4’x55″ framed hand painted silk panel

2015-Sunflowers. 14'x55" framed hand painted habotai silk.

2015-Sunflowers. 14’x55″ framed hand painted habotai silk.

2008-Triangular signs PAC

2008 Triangular silk painted signs for the Performing Arts Center, Anchorage, AK

October 1, 2015

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