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Fiber Sculpture Projects – Tending the Garden and the Spirit Walkers

Western Colorado Center for the Arts, August 2017. Mary Hertert, featured artist for fiber show that emcompassed the whole center. Mary introduced Tending the Garden, a project about community, for community and by community and the Spirit Walkers.

Tending the Garden is a community project that started with the notion that sometimes our personal gardens whether they be our spirital, physical or environmental gardens sometimes collapse when we least expect it. One of my sisters experienced such a collapse. She reached out to family who responded in force – helping her to shore up her 'garden' again. It is this reaching out for help and responding with a hand out to help that is the basis for Tending the Garden. I needed help in building the project for the show and my call out to my community gathered in over 80 people willing to make flowers or contribute in other ways to the planting. The project became a small fund raiser for the Western Colorado Center for the Arts in that by giving a donation, the giver could pick a flower to take away. 

The base for the garden is now empty and ready to travel to other non-profits to be refilled many times over.

The Spirit Walkers are illustrations of the times of life. They represent the seasons and the directions coming together in a group that also shows us our paths from birth to death to rebirth again.

Spirit Walker walks East: Singer of Life's Song:

Blessed be the gifts from the east:

Divinity, connections, rebirth, beginnings, creativity and inspiration.

This direction gives us the colors of fire, spring and body.


Spirit Walker walks South: The Seed Bearer:

Blessed be the gifts from the south:

Manifestation of ideas, growth, energy, adventure movement and freedom.

This direction gives us the colors of earth, summer and heart


Spirit Walker walks West: Guardian of Ancient Knowledge

Blessed be the gifts from the west:

Preparation, gathering, reflection, purity, self-understanding, harvest and thanksgiving.

This direction gives us the colors of autumn, water and spirit


Spirit Walker walks North: The Dream Keeper

Blessed be the gifts from the north:

Cleansing-wind, healing, transformatioon, authenticity, metaphors, wisdom and teaching.

This direction gives us the color of winter, air and mind.



September 8, 2017
Color Creek Fiber Art | Fiber Sculpture Projects - Color Creek Fiber Art
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