• Pebble and Midnight Sky Series Tank Tops by Mary Hertert Color Creek Fiber Art Grand Junction
  • Mineral Series Swing Tops by Mary Hertert Color Creek Fiber Art Grand Junction
  • Rachel in her long Gaucho pants by Color Creek from the Desert Bloom series Mary Hertert Grand Junction
  • Long and Short Gaucho Pants by Mary Hertert Color Creek Fiber Art Grand Junction

Around Town Photo Shoot

It was a gorgeous Friday morning in late August.  Special shout-out to my friends Amy and Joe Kuper for getting the models looking beautiful in equally beautiful downtown Grand Junction, CO. Featured is the ColorCreek Art2Wear clothing by Mary Hertert of Color Creek-Fiber Art. Enjoy the tour.

These garments have been listed in our Shop. Check to see if they are still available as they are all one of a kind! Tank tops and Long Sleeve T-shirts are made from jersey knit polyester and the gauchos are made from microfiber polyester. Easy care and easy to wear. Each is hand printed and dyed so no two alike though similar in colors – the patterns vary.

Some notes on the photos to the left:

  1. Megan stunning in this duo spaghetti strap and short gaucho pant from the Red Rock series.
  2. Marnie and her daughter Rachel are sharing a happy moment under the shade tree. Rachel is wearing a Tank Top from the Pebble series while her mom sports the same style shirt from the Midnight Sky series.
  3. I personally love this Mineral series swing top with pockets that Deb is wearing. Easy care and easy wear Coolmax polyester.
  4. There is nothing plain nor shy about Rachel in her long Gaucho pant from the Desert Bloom series.
  5. Deb and Marnie are ready for whatever the day brings. Deb in the long Gaucho pant River Rock series and Marnie in the short Gaucho, Desert Bloom series




Donna looks very cool in this tank top and long gaucho from the Glacier Ice series.


This is a sweet Long Sleeve t-shirt from the Eucalyptus series. Soft golds, greens, rust and brown.


Here’s Meg in Saturn’s Rings Tank Top.


It’s gals day out in their sporting tank tops and Long Sleeve T-shirt.


This Tank Top from the Saturn’s Rings series goes well on Megan.


Megan checking her phone as she take a quiet moment in her Sandstone and Red Rock series combination Long Sleeve T-shirt and short Gaucho pant.


This Long Sleeve T-shirt in the River Rock series is my personal favorite and Deb wears is so well.

August 31, 2015

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Color Creek Fiber Art | Around Town Photo Shoot - Grand Junction, CO
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