• Silk Moth Panel by Color Creek Fiber Art Grand Junction Colorado
  • Peonies by Color Creek Fiber Art private collection 4 yards silk crepe de chine
  • Seed Pods by Color Creek Fiber Art in Grand Junction Colorado

All Things Silk

This is a collection of various large panels and yardage I’ve painted. These commissions are in private collections and are good examples of my particular artistic style.  In creating yardage I can design for interior spaces for walls or drapes or designate the cloth for my garments.

Seed Pods 3 yards fabric silk crepe de chine

I find the world of seeds absolutely fascinating. I have books of seeds as seen under the microscope and I can’t help but try my hand at painting these wonderful spherical shapes. This is yardage that was made into a kimono jacket.

Peonies private collection 4 yards silk crepe de chine.

These beautiful peonies were drawn from a photo my client had taken of the flowers in her garden. This very large panel – 4 yards covered her entire wall.

Hand painted birch trees on dupioni silk.

This beautiful hand painted birch tree forest on dupioni silk was created as a drape for a large picture window. 5 yards in length, the curtain could be pulled to a side.

August 31, 2015
Color Creek Fiber Art | All Things Silk
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