Textile Fabric Art

What is Textile Fabric Art or Fiber Art for that matter? Simply the manipulation of fabrics or fibers into whatever art makes the heart sing. I've created a wide compilation of diverse and interesting projects based in textile (fabric) and fiber with perhaps metal or paper included. I've run the gamut from silk painting to sublimation dyeing (printing and dyeing on polyester) to dye work for weddings, the theater and dance. I've created a clothing line based not in silk but in polyester and launched it into a teaching website and course – www.colorcreekART2WEAR.com. You can either buy a piece of art clothing from the website or come take a class from me at the Western Colorado Community College.

Now, back to textile art. I would say that beyond anything I have been a dyer for these past 20+ years. I've taken all those projects down from this site because I now want to do something different. I want to work with communities in a creative way. I want to help them build flowers and insects and weeds all from fiber and wire that through process helps aleviate grief, abuse, terror, loneliness. I want Tending the Garden to travel to places that have a hard time making flowers or feeling connected or feeling supported and on the way perhaps leaving them with the sense that they can make flowers, connect and support each other.

So, no more silk jackets or vests. No more painted silk scarves, at least for now. What I want now is for the creative process to move out away from a shop out into the community so we can join hands in the making.

Color Creek Fiber Art | Textile Fabric Art Created by Mary Hertert at Color Creek Fiber Art
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