Business of Art

    April 21, 2017
    by Mary Hertert

    Arts Business Institute, Advocates for the Artist Early April I attended a weekend seminar put on by the Arts Business Institute in Santa Fe.  I decided to sign up for the ABI seminar because I’m stuck and very frustrated with not knowing how or where to sell my clothing.  I came away with lots of ideas and hope that I can, in fact, […]

  • Color Creek Booth is up at the Mountain Fair in Carbondale, Co. Featuring unique custom fiber art
    August 5, 2016
    by Mary Hertert

    On the Show Circuit in Colorado Those of you who are veterans of the show circuit will recognize everything that I put down here on the page.  I’m sure you’ve had the same exhilarating times, depressing times, disaster times and those times when you wished either for more shows or to be done with them. This was my first 3-day arts and crafts […]

  • Revisiting dyeing fabrics with natural and botanical dyes Pick plants, add fabrics, step back and watch the magic. Dyeing with botanical dyes (plants) creates lovely color but for the entire of my dye career I have been mesmerized by full bright color. I embraced the synthetic dyes wholeheartedly in their deliverance of a magnificent array of colors while giving a slight bow of respect to the organics. Many years […]

  • Children of the Wasp Bride Back Color Creek Fiber Art Carbondale Runway Fashion Art Show
    March 4, 2016
    by Mary Hertert

      Wearable Art Transformed Into Runway Fashion Art.   I'm excited that the nine garments I set out to create into runway fashion art for Carbondale's fashion show – Transformation are finished and ready to walk. The name of the collection is What Was – Isn't Anymore. My goal – take completely apart most of the garments that walked the runway last year and free a whole […]

  • Wearable Art Fashion Concept Unique Custom Fiber Art by Color Creek Fiber Art
    December 14, 2015
    by Mary Hertert

    The Wearable Art Fashion Concept Wearable Art Transforming seems to be my motto. All of my garments sport several lives from wearable to wall and back again. This time I want to transform my wearable art with purpose. I just got accepted as a designer to the Carbondale, Colorado Arts and Humanities extraordinary show for the 2nd year. This is not the first […]

  • The Art Center Demo Night Color Creek Fiber Art Grand Junction
    November 17, 2015
    by Mary Hertert

    The Art Center of Western Colorado The Art Center in Grand Junction is an amazing resource in so many ways. It is a gem of a gallery with rotating art exhibits reflecting wide mediums and styles. The center is home to Artability, a daily art program for a group that oftens gets overlooked and underserved – the mentally and physically disadvantaged. Besides Artability, there […]

  • September 15, 2015
    by Mary Hertert

    Artistic Designer Apparel I never dreamed that starting a new clothing line would be this much work nor be so exasperatingly rich and rewarding in new knowledge. Even just opening my shop back then was one of those "snap up the opportunity" kind of deals. I can say that I knew absolutely nothing about dyework, opening a shop or artwork. I was in […]

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