Mary Mission Statement



Color Creek-Fiber Art Alaska began as a figment of my imagination in 1997 as a way to share a magically and richly creative space with my greater community. It became a place to explore, to share, to learn and to tap those resources that lie deep within us through the ancient art of dyes, fiber, color and handwork.

My vision for Color Creek has never wavered—but the process and the place have changed. Color Creek took a great big leap out of the cold and colors of green and blue trading them in for the southwest colors of red rock, desert streams, collared lizards and the heat of Fruita, Colorado.

I invite you to join my story in whichever manner makes the most sense. I am open to discussions and the sharing of information and ideas. For right now, come dip your virtual fingers in the Color Creek experience and just maybe we'll cross color paths someday. - Mary Hertert

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